Important Things HOA Management Companies Can Do for Your Community in Phoenix, Arizona

Important Things HOA Management Companies Can Do for Your Community in Phoenix, Arizona

Have you recently been elected to your HOA board? Are you aware of how much hard work goes along with this responsibility?

According to recent research, around 75,000 Arizonians perform $82.5 million worth of service every year in their role as HOA board members. There is an easier and less time-consuming way to ensure your HOA community gets the attention it needs.

Hiring an HOA management company relieves HOA board members of many responsibilities and helps free up their time. Read on to find out what HOA management companies do to help communities thrive.

Support HOA Board Members

HOA board members bring a varied portfolio of skills to the table in an HOA, but they don't always have the specialized expertise required for managing a community. When you hire an HOA property management firm, you know that your board is supported with an array of necessary knowledge and experience.

An HOA property manager can act as an important, unbiased party in disputes between board members and offer sound advice on procedural matters. They're able to advise on complicated budgeting matters, too.

Preserve Property Values

Elevated property values are one of the best benefits of owning a home in an HOA. These developments feature appealing communal areas with swimming pools, clubhouses, and even golf courses, making them desirable to buyers.

Ongoing property maintenance is vital for keeping these amenities in good condition to maintain HOA home values. An HOA management company attends to all routine maintenance aspects according to a strict schedule.

This relieves board members of the time-consuming chores associated with ongoing property maintenance. They also ensure homeowners comply with the HOA's CC&Rs to ensure order and conformity in the community.

Collect HOA Fees and Manage Finances

Collecting HOA fees is another ongoing and time-consuming process. This task can also prove awkward for board members if they have to communicate with friends and neighbors about past-due fees or rule infringements.

As a neutral third party, an HOA manager has no such qualms. HOA management companies use the latest technologies and software. This helps maintain the HOA's financial records in line with prevailing Arizona HOA legislation.

They're well aware of all the latest local, state, and federal laws for HOAs in Phoenix. Thus, they can help the HOA board avoid legal difficulties and costly lawsuits.

At tax time, an HOA management company's accounting professionals help you save time and money on this often complicated process.

Consider HOA Management Companies in Phoenix, Arizona

HOA management companies help streamline HOA operations, free up board members' time, and complement their skills and abilities.

PMI Real Estate Services has over 20 years of experience in the realm of real estate management. We offer a full range of services for both landlords and HOA boards and pride ourselves on our ongoing commitment to excellence.

We can help you boost resident satisfaction, stay up-to-date with HOA fee collections, and preserve the value and appeal of your community. Explore a better way to ensure your HOA thrives and grows today.